Revolutionize your search experience with our cutting-edge Vector Search technology!

Unlike traditional keyword-based searches, Vector Search harnesses the power of advanced machine learning to deeply understand the context, semantics, and relationships within your data.

Seamlessly navigate through vast datasets to uncover hidden insights, discover relevant patterns, and identify connections that were previously invisible.

Elevate your marketing strategies with a smarter, more intuitive search approach that goes beyond words, enabling you to make data-driven decisions with confidence.



GSI’s OpenSearch neural search plugin, based on the Gemini® APU, allows you to extend your current OpenSearch software investment
with a production-grade neural search solution that searches billions of items in milliseconds, with high recall.

There’s no need to learn a new software program or new APIs, saving you valuable time and resources and enables rapid deployment.

GSI’s neural search acceleration is offered in both on-premises and SaaS deployments.




Try Vector Search today and unlock a new dimension of precision and efficiency in your quest for meaningful information.

SaaS Products

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Hosted Service Beta Trial for Plugins is a GSI brand website that allows evaluation and use of the GSI APU as a hosted service for the FVS plugin and OpenSearch plugin.




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