GPS-Denied Environment (Application In Development)


GSI hardware and algorithms can create real-time SAR image data from Radar signals and then utilize dense registration software while the results are in device memory to identify landmarks and use this information for directional alignment of a  moving asset.

The nature the GSI APU is that once the data from the sensor is in the APU device, it can be iteratively processed for SAR image, dense registration, and even navigation correction without having to incur I/O latencies of transferring to different processing systems.

Target Applications

  • Navigation assistance in GPS-denied environments
  • Drone or UAV navigation from-to in harsh environments




GPS-Denied Environment Products

Dual Leda-E 2U Server Contact to Purchase
Leda-E PCIe card Contact to Purchase
8 Leda-E 2U Server with FBP Software Coming Soon
8 Leda-S 1U Server, 6s Coming Soon
16 Leda-S 1U Server, 3s Coming Soon
SAR FBP SaaS Contact for Details

For additional products concerning smaller, lower power variants, or IP, please contact GSI for details.



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