The GSI APU is a true compute-in-memory device. Aside from its inherent inference strengths for speed and low power, its core is a TCAM-like memory structure that is capable of read-compute-write cycles.

This provides a Boolean RISC processing capability with a sustained throughput of 1,258 Trillion Boolean ops/s (Gemini I) and more than 3TOPS/W of full adder operation.

This high performance compute is provided at a granularity of 1 bit allowing users to define whatever bit frameworks they need for dynamic precision and highest throughput and accuracy.

The processor is also well suited for non-linear processing such as , such as COS, SIN, and SQRT.

The APU has 4 independent cores that allow true multithread, and multi-precision operation.




HPC Applications

Satellite Aperture Radar


Satellite Aperture Radar (SAR)


GPS-Denied Navigation


Change Detection

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