Change Detection Overview (Application In Development)


In today’s world of unprecedented environmental change, unanticipated military movements, and rapid urban expansion, the need to have fast and accurate change detection is crucial.

Change detection is a valuable tool to understand the changing dynamics of various systems and making informed decisions that are based on the detected changes.

The critical role it plays in monitoring and adaptation is essential in helping identify trends, anomalies, and potential issues that might require attention and/or intervention.


GSI’s APU takes today’s change detection to the next level.

With our unparalleled accuracy and speed, nothing can hide from the APU.





Change Detection Products

1-8 Leda-E 2U Server Contact for Configurations
16 Leda-S 1U Server Contact for Configurations
Leda-E PCIe card Contact for Purchase
Hosted Service Contact for Configurations

For additional products concerning smaller, lower power variants, or IP, please contact GSI for details.



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