Product Change Notification Policy FAQ

  • How does GSI decide when to issue a PCN or EOL?
    • The GSI standard is designed to satisfy the guidelines of JESD46C, including classifications and content. Copies of GSI’s PCN Policy are available upon request to GSI customers.


  • My company needs to start receiving GSI notifications. How do I get on the list?
    • Send us a note ( We will let you know whether your company already has a GSI Notice account and how to contact your account administrator. If your company does not have an account, we will help you get an account created for your company.


  • Are notices only available directly from GSI?
    • Our distribution and contract manufacturing partners have their own systems for distributing notices from the manufacturers they represent, such as GSI. Contact your distributor or contract manufacturer for more information about their systems and procedures.


  • Can I schedule alerts to be sent to my personal mailbox?
    • Yes, but if we do, you will be the only person at your company to get notices from GSI. GSI issues one notification email per customer company domain name (e.g., Most companies set up a mail reflector address (e.g., so the notice goes to all employees who need notification. In the event your company is already registered we can help you contact your account administrator.


  • I need to occasionally review previous notifications. How do I do this?
    • GSI issues one notification email per customer company domain name (e.g., If your company is already registered, we can help you contact your account administrator ( . Otherwise, contact your local GSI sales representative to schedule a review of prior PCNs.


  • Does GSI provide PCNs to any 3rd-party information providers?
    • No. GSI distributes PCNs directly to our customers or through our distribution channel partners.

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