Object Recognition Overview


GSI addresses our customer’s need for accelerated decision-making using object detection technology. 

This technology allows the system to “view” the environment by identifying objects in videos or visual images. 

GSI’s Object detection solution utilizes a computational model leveraging our APU’s flexible in-memory vector computation ability necessary for today’s deep learning methods to infer location and identify objects in an image/scene.


Target Applications

  • Tracking, Tracing, Security, and surveillance of any territory or region
  • Automatic Target Detection (ATR)
  • Battlefield awareness
  • Foreign Object Debris (FOD) assessment
  • Space Debris




Object Recognition Products

1-8 Leda-E 2U Server Contact for Configurations
16 Leda-S 1U Server Contact for Configurations
Leda-E PCIe card Contact to Purchase
Hosted Service Contact for Details

For additional products concerning smaller, lower power variants, or IP, please contact GSI for details.



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