GSI Technology’s patented Gemini Associative Processing Unit (APU) changes the concept of computing from serial data processing—where data is moved back and forth between the processor and memory—to massive parallel data processing, compute, and search in-place directly in the memory array.


This in-place associative computing technology removes the bottleneck at the I/O between the processor and memory. Data is accessed by content and processed directly in place in the memory array without having to cross the I/O. The result is an orders of magnitude performance-over-power ratio improvement compared to conventional methods that use CPU and GPU, along with DRAM.

Leda-E board

Target Applications


Fast Vector Search

Neural Search

Improve your customers’ search experienceeasily add text plus pictures and objects to your neural search capabilities without sacrificing latency.
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Synthetic Aperture Radar

GSI’s SAR solution improves dramatically the performance of the previous GSI SAR application by 10 times better, bringing Real Time (RT) and truly mobile promise to the field of SAR spotlight image construction.
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Cheminformatics and Pharma

Integrated with the BIOVIA™ Pipeline Pilot scientific application, Gemini delivers exceptional performance for circular fingerprint similarity search, including threshold searches at under 0.8.
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Award-Winning Technology
(Available as hardware, turn-key servers, and IAAS.)


1st Place Win in MoSAIC Challenge Human/Object Tagging Category

GSI Technology’s submission to the Mobile Standoff Autonomous Indoor Capabilities (MoSAIC) Challenge won first place in the Human/Object Tagging category.
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Grand Prize Winner in MAFAT Radar Challenge

GSI Technology was awarded the $25,000 Grand Prize after passing all the competition’s formal and technical eligibility tests.
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In The World

Berlin Buzzwords Blog

Muves at Berlin Buzzwords 2022

Berlin Buzzwords is Germany’s most exciting conference on storing, processing, streaming, and searching large amounts of digital data, with a focus on open source software projects.
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Berlin Buzzwords Video

Multilingual & Multimodal Vector Search with Hardware Acceleration

Bringing multimodal experience into search journey became of high interest lately: searching images with text, or looking inside an audio file, combining that with the rgb frames of a video stream.

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