Aerospace & Defense Overview


GSI Technology’s Aerospace and Military focus supports applications for LEO and GEO orbits, high altitude, terrestrial military products, and multi-sensor (data fusion) processing applications.

Our world-class high-performance SRAM memory comes in the highest density and speeds for monolithic devices available and is offered in Rad-Hard, Rad-Tolerant, Military, Industrial, and Commercial variants.  Our SRAM is designed to support today’s complex FPGAs.

GSI has over 10,000 SRAM devices in production in various markets.

Expanding on our high reliability and high-performance design ability, GSI also offers a highly efficient and high TOPS/W AI processor – Associative Processing Unit (APU).

GSI Technology’s APU, a compute in-memory architecture, has been shown to have superior space survival capabilities.   With the APU’s flexible bit processing architecture, this AI processor can support sophisticated applications in defense electronics, real-time SAR image generation, object recognition, ATR, GPS-denied navigation, and data fusion applications where our superior hardware and algorithm subsystems capable of handling big data in small mobile systems provide real-time tactical advantages.







Aerospace & Defense Applications

Satellite Aperture Radar


Satellite Aperture Radar (SAR)


Object Recognition


GPS-Denied Environment


Data Fusion


Radiation-Hardened SRAMs

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