Asynchronous SRAMs

GSI Technology’s Asynchronous SRAM portfolio can handle all of your design needs. Our asynchronous SRAMs are easy to use, have fast access times, and are available in a variety of packages.

Asynchronous SRAMs are appropriate as main memory for small cache-less embedded processors used in industrial electronics, measurement systems and cost-sensitive networking equipment, among many other applications.


Name Density Config. Voltage (V) Access Time (ns) Package Temp 6/6 ROHS Status
Asynchronous SRAMs
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8Mb, 6Mb, 4Mb, 3Mb, 2Mb, 1Mb x8, x16, x32, x24, x4 3.3 V As Low As 7 119 BGA, TSOP-II, 6 x 10 mm FPBGA, 6 x 8 mm FPBGA Comm, Ind no, yes Production
Part Number Density Config. Voltage Access Time (ns) Package Op Temp 6/6 RoHS Status
GS71108AU-10 1Mb x8 3.3 V 10 6 x 8 mm FPBGA Comm no Production
GS74108AGP-12 4Mb x8 3.3 V 12 TSOP-II Comm yes Production
GS74116AGP-8 4Mb x16 3.3 V 8 TSOP-II Comm yes Production
GS78108AB-10I 8Mb x8 3.3 V 10 119 BGA Ind no Production
GS74117AGX-10I 4Mb x16 3.3 V 10 6 x 10 mm FPBGA Ind yes Production
GS78116AGB-12 8Mb x16 3.3 V 12 119 BGA Comm yes Production