Radiation-Hardened SRAMs

Rad-Hard Datasheets
SigmaQuad-II+ (includes 288Mb, 144Mb, and 72Mb)
Synchronous Burst (includes 144Mb, 72Mb, and 36Mb)
No Bus Turnaround (includes 144Mb, 72Mb, and 36Mb)
The Aerospace Corp Space Parts Working Group Presentation
(April 2017)

GSI Technology is excited to introduce several new high performance Radiation-Hardened   synchronous SRAMs:

• A family of SigmaQuad-II+ products: available in 288Mb, 144Mb, and 72Mb densities,    x18 and x36 configurations, On-Die Termination (ODT), and up to 350 MHz performance

• A family of SyncBurst & NBT products: available in 144Mb, 72Mb, and 36Mb densities,    x18 and x36 configurations, and up to 333 MHz performance

These Rad-Hard SRAMs are expected to serve as a critical element for advanced systems that   leverage leading-edge FPGAs, ADCs, and DACs; but until now lacked the high density, high performance, and power efficiency that our outstanding memory products bring. The initial devices   will be qualified to Class-Q and Class-V levels to meet the rigorous requirements of aerospace and defense customers. 

For our satellite and defense customers that have been anxiously awaiting an alternative to current Rad-Hard memory solutions, our Rad-Hard SRAMs leverage our proven commercial technology and architecture with radiation-hardening, creating an efficient, high performance, leading-edge memory at the 40nm technology node.

For more information regarding this exciting new technology, please contact Paul Armijo at parmijo@gsitechnology.com.